Unemployment in economic hardships is a dire trend that a person like Robert J. Gerberg is looking to change. He is the current CEO of Advanced Career Technologies firm based in Colorado with approximately 500 professionals associated with the business on permanent and part-time basis. He established the firm together with a group of like-minded persons comprising of top executives, human resource directors and other dept persons in the employment industry.

He began molding his career in sales at Personal Products Division of Bausch & Lomb, where he coordinated and saw through programs he had created for advertising, customer service and brand-new products after efficiently interfacing all the administrative levels. While the Division experienced its most competitive environment in its history, he became top area producer.
He proceeded to work with Princeton/Masters Press, Inc. for a period of 23 months. While there, he became President and published among the widely-read best job seeking books in the 90’s. The book, “An Easier Way to Change Jobs”, sold more than 500,000 copies. All licensees used the book for it gave them the basic system needed. He also worked at Princeton/Masters International, a career based licensing management firm where he was President for advertising and new products, and licensees developed above $ 100,000,000 in sales.
He has been affiliated with ACT for 18 years and since its commencement, he has been influential in every development phase of the firm including application of excellent service delivery systems, creating and analysis of private and corporate service presentations, design, conceptual framework, programming, technical, first beta site production and interactive database elements.
The Colorado-based company has employed about 500 competent individuals working on both full and part-time basis. He also supervised its divisions including a specialty firm that handles job campaigns, electronic recruiting, top executive outplacement, professional CV writing, private client service and corporate service, and a technology division, responsible for a global search engine for employment seekers. Over the past decade, ACT’s corporate division has administered outplacement responsibilities from top organizations including Chase, Microsoft, Cendant, Coca-Cola, Phillips, Prudential, Accenture, Adobe, Pfizer, Eaton, Dell, Novartis and Continental among others.
He advanced his career in Harvard Business School where he took marketing digital, received executive education and obtained information from leading professional service firms. Previously, he had attained Masters in Business Administration from Leeds School of Business in 1992. He has also studied at Colgate University from 1982-1985, where he graduated with a Degree in Political Science and Bachelor of Arts.
Persons and corporations sought after Robert J. Gerberg Jr.’s for consulting offers, expertise requests, business deals, job inquiries, career opportunities, reference requests and new ventures. His specialty areas other than Profit and Loss management include corporate and consumer sales, online network and affiliate marketing, social media, quality check, distribution and licensing contracts, search engine optimization, real estate, human resources and recruitment and legal assistance.
He practiced martial art of Aikido under a respected Aikido Sensei and currently holds the position of Shodan. He also has an interest in sporting activities including expedition racing, marathon running and triathlons.

With the expansion of business operations, the size of the workforce has been increasing rapidly and it is high time when the HR professionals need to switch to online payroll management systems from the conventional manual payrolls or other expensive services. A number of online payroll software are available in the market and have a number of merits associated with them.

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These services depend entirely on the requirements of the clients.

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